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smell of kerosene & supernova
smell of wild nights & amours fous

RUNAWAYS or EROS EN FEU (Eros on Fire) (un)covers over ten years of wild nights & mad loves in the underbelly of the City of Lights, a furious swingriding through the arcanes of desire : imagine a bunch of cannibal poets, friends, lovers and strangers taking by storm streets, bars, hotels, apartments, rooftops, quays, rock caves and jazz joints, creating situations and reinventing reality.
EROS EN FEU captures that feverish intensity and magic, both raw and candid, many only experience once (if not never) in their lives. "Paris, whore-city mix of playground and purgatory (hallucinated carrousel on fire)" where some delight in the gold beyond the erotic neons of the everlasting mirage mecca... as others crash-land and burst into flames, crystal-winged dragonflies & James Deans dissolving into madness with no return and the deadly grace of their own excesses. 



- Photographer-visual art st poetry

Eros En Feu / Henrik Aeshna Photography

HENRIK AESHNA is a multimedia artist, photographer, poet & lo-fi musician living in Paris, at the mythical Hôtel La Louisiane, Saint-Germain-des-Prés. He began photographing in 2007/2008 while wandering aimlessly through the streets of London Soho, Amsterdam & Paris, fascinated about the timelessly poetical, dream-like kaleidoscope of the urban jungle in all its paradoxical horror and grace. His spirit and works have been praised by

Lou Reed, Frédéric Beigbeder and Jean-Jacques Lebel.

The world is fertile, flammable, and erogenous. The poet-photographer's eye on fire, kidnapped by the music of the present instant, is led off by lust, instinct, emotion, and absurdity.

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